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Check this page for the latest information on our renovation project!


5/27/2016 UPDATE:

The company (Jones Library Sales) that moved our shelves during the renovation has posted a video. It’s a pretty cool look into the process and the renovation of the library! Follow this link to watch the video:


5/16/2016 UPDATE: Rebecca Sims, Library Director

The construction is almost complete – we’ll be ready for Summer Reading Program to kick off next week on Monday, May 23.

– Our front doors are open.

– All of the adult collection (including DVDs) is accessible.

– The children’s picture books are being reshelved and will be available soon.  Staff can help retrieve Youth and Childrens’ materials that you can’t get to.

– The carpet is almost completely installed, as is the cork floor in the children’s area.  (No more worries about sippy cups tipping over.)

– We have one more section of lights to hang in the Atrium.

– The new circulation desk is getting its top by Wednesday, and it will be gorgeous.

– The restrooms in the front hall will be complete and available by mid-week.  (Let me know what you think of the new slate walls.)

– The new group study rooms are almost finished, but they’ll get new furniture sometime in the next month, as will other areas in the Atrium and in the Teen Room.

– New staff cubicles are being installed this week which means that when the staff get back to their desks, we’ll be able to find the pencil sharpener again.

Please still be cautious walking around and don’t go into areas that are marked off with construction tape.  There’s not a lot to be finished, but if something is blocked there’s a good reason.

It’s felt like a long time, but in fact this has been an incredibly fast renovation – 10 weeks.  And for the whole project, we only had to close for one and a half days.  This is remarkable.  Kudos and a huge round of applause to Jeremy of Hausmann Construction and all of his support people.



5/4/2016 UPDATE: Rebecca Sims, Library Director

It’s crazy here.

We’re just a few weeks from completion, and it’s a three-ring circus, a zoo, pandemonium … an organized, smoothly running and incredibly productive pandemonium.

Hausmann Construction has been accomplishing huge amounts of quality work very quickly, but they really kicked it into gear this week.  Mega Lay Floor Covering is doing the carpet, and this guy is amazing.  He’s about halfway finished and will complete the work either the end of this week or beginning of next.  Lycos, Inc. is creating rooms and closets and cabinets.  Pearson’s Painting from Blair is about 90% finished.  Jones Library Services is shifting our bookcases here, then there – they’re doing a stop-motion film for us so you can see the whole process in just minutes.  And there are a lot of other contractors coming in for short-term work when their expertise is needed.

So we should have our front doors open again towards the end of this week or the beginning of next.  The restrooms are almost done (hanging the dividers this week), the Youth Services Desk is moved to its new location, the pieces of the new Circulation Desk are being brought in so it can be put together.  Once this is all complete, we’ll be able to open up the Atrium portion of the library again, and construction will move into the main portion of the Youth Services area.  We’re getting our new cork floor in about a week!

I expect to ask you to start bringing back your books and DVDs around mid-month, but fines for late materials won’t be started up again until the first of June.  At that point, we’ll go back to our normal rules and procedures.

Our target date for completion of construction is May 13, with additional minor items being taken care of the week after that.  The furniture probably won’t be here until mid-June, and there will be other tweaks for a while as we settle in and discover what works best.

I am thrilled with how beautiful everything is – I hope you will be, too.



4/26/2016 UPDATE: Rebecca Sims, Library Director

It’s been an interesting few weeks.  I apologize for not updating sooner, but it seems that every time I sat down to write up where we are in the process, something changed.  So, here’s where we are today:

Front entrance:  We hope to get it back sometime next week, as well as the restrooms in the front hall, which have gorgeous new slate floors and walls, and new fixtures.

New Teen Room and the Baby Room:  New paint and carpet are completed, and the Young Adult books are being moved into the Teen Room.  Our teens helped select some of the new furniture we’ll be getting.  The Teen Room is done in vivid blues and the Baby Room in purples.

Atrium:  The new LED lights have been installed (and they really brighten up the place!), the whole ceiling has been painted, as well as all of the high walls.  I discovered that changing the paint color behind our big piece of artwork (above the service desk) has made me look at it in an entirely different way.  Did you know it was created by Milt Heinrich of Blair?  He’s also known for “The Missouri River Symphony” at Eppley Airport, “The Actors’ Procession” on the outside of the Omaha Community Playhouse, and the pediment design on the Iowa State Judicial Building in Des Moines.

Carpet and Shelf Movers:  Carpet installation in the Atrium is beginning.  Jones Library Sales (Carlisle IA) is arriving today with their shelf moving equipment.  The City’s videographer, Torri Pantaleon, is coming by to take some video for City Happenings, so you can see how we’re moving over 200 ranges of shelves.

The Friends of the Library Bookstore:  The bookstore has been painted and new carpet installed.  They may be able to open soon – I’ll make sure it’s announced on our Facebook page & other social media.  (But please don’t bring new donations until the end of May; they will still have to get settled.)

I appreciate your patience when we closed for a day and a half last week – Hausmann Construction was digging trenches in the floor for new wiring.  They told me they had to dig trenches totaling 75 feet long, that were 8 inches wide and a foot deep, and it was going to be in high traffic areas.  Not safe for adults, let alone children who love to run.  The staff went shopping for brand-new books at Barnes and Noble, had a tour of Do Space, and spent some time discussing the Library’s strategic plan.  We also took the time to get some fire extinguisher training from Chief Bowes of the Papillion Fire Department.  We’re hoping to show off his training equipment sometime in the future.

We’re projecting that we’ll have the construction complete by mid-May, with some of the furniture trickling in for a while after.  If you’ve been hanging on to books and DVDs for us on extended checkout, please plan to start bringing them back sometime during the week of May 16.  And of course we’ll have a big party to show off – probably in June or July – but we’d like to have everything (including new furniture and some new computers) in place first.

And remember, Summer Reading Program will kick off on Monday, May 23.  Please come by then, if not sooner.




3/29/2016 UPDATE: Rebecca Sims, Library Director

Big changes starting this week, and bigger changes next week.  Most of them are related to painting and installing new lighting in the high ceiling above the computers and main study area.  All of the tables and chairs (and computers) that are under the ceiling will have to be temporarily relocated.

Beginning today (March 29), we will start removing the computers, and they will all be gone (temporarily) by Friday.  La Vista’s Library has offered their computers for your use in the meantime (Giles Rd at 92nd St).  If your child has been coming here after school, they are of course still welcome, but please speak with them about how they will occupy their time and how to behave safely in a construction zone.

This week, Hausmann Construction and their people will be digging a hole for the new sink in the southeast corner of the Youth Services area.  Please keep your children away from the hole.  We’re expecting it to be 5 feet deep so, even though it will be blocked off, it will be a significant danger to curious children (and adults).

Because of the work on the ceiling in the main part of the Library, the Audiobook and DVD collections will be off limits starting next week on Monday, April 4.  We’re moving a limited collection to the Youth Services area and will offer an extended checkout time.  Please come in this week to get your materials to last you for the next several weeks. For now, all of the book collections will still be accessible.

The library’s entrance will be changed starting Monday, April 4.  Because of the ceiling and flooring work, you will temporarily need to come to the door on the south side of the building near 84th Street, across from D-Rocks Music.  It will bring you directly into the Youth Services department.  We are working on the handicapped entrance.  If you need assistance, please call in advance so we can tell you which door to use and to make sure we’re there when you arrive.

Because we’re replacing the main service desk, we’ll set up a temporary checkout station in the Youth Services department.  As long as we’re using that station, we won’t be able to accept credit cards for payments.  Please bring cash or your checkbook. Remember, though, I’ve suspended fines for the duration of the renovation.

Along with all of this upheaval, you’ll see the new computer lab taking shape, and the new Teen Room will be painted and carpeted.  There is also a lot of work being done in the staff area.  As each of our spaces are finished, we’ll be able to start moving supplies and such to the back so that more public spaces can be worked on.

I know I say it every week, but thank you for your patience.  We’re doing a lot in very little time, as renovations go, and I think you’ll be happy with the results.  Please feel free to email me with any questions:




3/22/2016 UPDATE: Rebecca Sims, Library Director

You probably aren’t seeing a lot of change yet, but Hausmann Construction is hard at work.  This week, they’re working primarily in the staff areas, but are also getting other areas ready.

One look-ahead for about the second week of April:  All computers will be shut down for work on the high-up lights and for painting the ceiling.  This currently looks like it will be the week of April 11, but could happen sooner.  For your safety and for the protection of our equipment, the area with the computers will be completely blocked off.  This means the library will have NO COMPUTER ACCESS as long as that work is in progress.  Call ahead. Wifi will still be operational if you bring your own computer/tablet/phone.

Parents of children who come here after school  – please talk with them about how they will occupy themselves in the library.  There will be no computers for them.  We do, however, have lots of books as well as some board games.

* * * * *

THIS WEEK (March 21 – 25)

The new Teen Room has been emptied, the cubicle desks from the computers removed, and the carpet taken up.  Next is painting and the beautiful new carpet, a stunning shade of blue.

Just south of the Youth Services desk, shelving has been removed from the wall.  New large cabinets will be installed, which will be a handy location for supplies for children’s events.

In the front hallway, the strips of wood on the walls are being removed – this will give us much more flexibility in hanging artwork, as we will no longer have to be so strict on what size the artwork has to be to fit.

In the staff area, we’re getting new flooring and paint in our workroom, staff lounge, and staff bathrooms.

NEXT WEEK (March 28 – April 1)

These are the current plans, but are subject to change (either sooner or later) based on availability of materials:

The cabinets next to the microfilm machine (near the copier) have been moved to the staff workroom, and that corner wall will be removed.  This will be the entrance to the new computer lab.

The new Teen Room and the larger Conference Rooms that are known as “25” and “50” will get their new carpet, and Pearson’s Painting will be covering our walls with creamy white, gray, and blue paint. (Room “8” will be worked on later.)

We’re getting a new sink in the new Children’s Programming area, for easier cleanup after crafts.  Please keep your children away from this work as it will involve digging a deep hole in the floor.  We’ll have it blocked off, but that doesn’t mean it will be completely safe for a curious child.

I think we’ll be able to get work started on our new upper level lighting.  Our current bowl lights, while beautiful, have become difficult to maintain.  It’s getting harder (and more expensive) to get parts, the lights generate a lot of heat (which means our air conditioning costs more), and they aren’t giving us as much light as we want.  The new lights will be LED, which will provide a brighter, whiter light, they don’t generate heat like the bowls, they’re energy efficient, and they only need to be maintained about every 15-20 years.

I’m hoping that removal of the bowl lights means we can have a paper airplane contest in the Youth Services area …

COMING SOON (probably April 4 – 8)

Work on the public restrooms was delayed due to some of the materials we need not being available yet, but that also means that instead of doing the restrooms first and then replacing the floor in the front entry and vestibule, Hausmann will be working on them at the same time, shortening the amount of time that area will be closed off.  When the main restrooms are closed, you may use either the children’s restrooms (north side of the Youth Services area) or the staff bathroom (use the doors on the southeast corner of Youth Services).  We’ll have signs up.  Brownie’s Bar across the street is also willing to have you drop by if you need to.

When we’re getting the floor replaced, you won’t be able to use the front doors or the door on the southeast corner of the building.  We’ll open the door on the southwest corner of the building (across from D-Rocks Music).  If you need handicapped access, please call us before you come so we can tell you which door to use.  Call again when you arrive, and we’ll make sure you can get in.

The Friends of the Library Bookstore will have to close during this portion of the renovation.  They will also be getting fresh paint and new carpet, and they’re getting their own workroom as well.  Please visit the Bookstore by March 31 to pick up what you’ll need for the month, because I don’t know when they’ll be able to be open during April, if at all.  Call us if you have questions.

* * * * *

Please be safe and honor construction signs.

Come in early to check out what you’ll need, because at some point or other various collections will be closed.  We’re offering extended checkout times (this does not include DVDs) and no fines until the renovation is complete, so stock up and keep them for a while!

As always, thanks for your patience,



3/17/2016 UPDATE: Rebecca Sims, Library Director

We’re starting!  All of us are very excited that our project is beginning, because we’re that much closer to having our beautiful newly renovated facility.  We’re creating a space on the bulletin board near the front entrance with pictures of the new carpet, the new paint colors, and the new floor plan.

Our target date for completion of all construction is May 20, though the big stuff should all be done by May 13.   We want to be ready for Summer Reading Kickoff on May 23.   And yes, we’ll have a big party – probably in June or July.  Did you know that the Library is 20 years old this year?  We have lots to celebrate!

* * * * *


At various points during the renovation, the front doors might not be available.  You can also try the door on the southeast corner of the building near the parking lot, but if for some reason that door is also temporarily blocked, we will open the door on the south side of the building near Washington St, across from D-Rocks School of Music.

Entrance to the Library is most likely to be changed from April 1 – 8, and possibly again for a short period of time at the end of April.  I’ll post the dates here when I know them.

If you need handicapped access, please call us to tell us when you’re coming so we can tell you the best door to use.  Call us again when you’re in the parking lot, and we’ll make sure it’s clear for you.


The next couple of weeks of work will be primarily on the restrooms throughout the building and the hallway in front of the main restrooms.  I currently expect the work to start around the first of April, but I’ll have a better date for you next week.

While the restrooms are being worked on, for the first week anyone is welcome to use the Children’s restrooms, but we will also open the doors to the staff area that lead to our Staff restroom.  You’ll find the entry in the south end of Youth Services.  We’re posting signs.

The New Teen Room

I’m very excited that the carpet for the new Teen Room and the conference rooms is coming in earlier than expected, though I don’t yet have a completion date.

The Friends of the Library Bookstore

Because of the work on the floor in front of the public restrooms, expect the Friends Bookstore to be closed from April 1 (Friday) through about April 8 (Friday).  It will close again toward the end of April – it’s getting new carpet and paint, too!  Please drop by before or after those dates.

Collection – Location changes

The Young Adult collection has moved again and is now on the shelves in front of the old computer lab.  Graphic novels are still in boxes, and are up against the old computer lab wall.

The Adult Mystery collection and more of the Adult Non-Fiction collection have been moved to a temporary home in the Youth Services department, on the south side of the building.

The Polk Directories and the Nebraska Collection are also in the Youth Services department, on the south side of the building.

The back issues of magazines will be moved to the Youth Services department shortly as well.

Adult Science Fiction, Westerns, and Biographies are now housed in the last two rows of the Adult Non-Fiction section in the northwest corner by the study rooms.

All of these bookcases will be rolled to their new location in the northeast corner of the Adult Collection somewhere around the end of April or beginning of May.

* * * * *

Please be safe and honor construction signs. 

Come in early to check out what you’ll need, because at some point or other various collections will be closed.  We’re offering extended checkout times and no fines (this does not include DVDs) until the renovation is complete, so stock up and keep them for a while!

Thanks for your patience,



3/11/2016 UPDATE: Rebecca Sims, Library Director

I don’t have a lot to report today regarding dates – our construction company is putting together the team that will be working on our project, and so they have not yet been able to give me the actual schedule.  I expect to have it Monday or Tuesday of next week, so hopefully next week’s mid-week update will be more concrete.

In the meantime, your library staff has been busy rearranging the collection, so the bookcases will be ready to be rolled to their new locations.  As I reported last week, the end of the Adult non-fiction is in the children’s department.  New changes:                               – Adult Biography is now on the back shelves (north side of the building) on the left.       – Young Adult books are on tables and in boxes in the Children’s Department near the old computer lab                                                                                                                                     – Juvenile Fiction has been moved to where Young Adult was                                                 – Juvenile Non-Fiction is in the process of being moved to the end of Juvenile Fiction

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask at the front desk and they’ll help you.

I’ll post more … when I know more.  Thanks!




3/3/2016 UPDATE: Rebecca Sims, Library Director

I’m delighted to report that on Tuesday night, City Council approved Resolution R16-0027, awarding the contract for the Sump Memorial Library Renovation to Hausmann Construction of Lincoln, NE.  This is what we needed, to move forward.  However …

“No plan survives contact with reality.”  –– Matt Forbeck

Forbeck purposely misquotes Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke to make the saying work for his life. “Plans rarely work out exactly the way you think they will,” he says, “especially not the big plans … To surmount this, you must be flexible, ready to change course at a moment’s notice.”

Well. That describes perfectly what’s happening with the renovation.

My team and I met with Hausmann Construction and Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture yesterday morning. In order to get the exact carpet, lights, and other materials that we want, a lot of the work that I thought could be done earlier in the process will have to wait until sufficient quantity is manufactured for us.  As a result, installation of those things won’t be until late April/early May

This means that the process is not going to be nice and neat, but there is an underlying plan that will give us maximum results in a minimum amount of time. The first major area to be worked on will likely be the public bathrooms, and there will be painting and reconstruction of certain rooms happening early in the process. We’ll have signs up, though, letting you know what will be open when.  Just look for the big yellow “Construction” stripe on the posters.

Parents of children attending local schools: While we welcome your child after school, be aware that there may be days where the type of construction work going on could present a safety hazard to them if they do not honor the warning signs we’ll have in place. Please talk with them about appropriate behavior. My staff and I will not hesitate to insist they leave the building if they are acting in an unsafe manner.

Parents of small children:  Please be sure to keep a close eye on your children when you are in the Library.  We will try to block off unsafe areas, but small children will not be aware of the danger. We can’t really baby-proof the construction.  You must be with them at all times to keep them safe.

Immediately affected, starting next week:

Youth Services events:  Storytime will be held on Wednesday and Friday at the Recreation Center at 10:30 for the duration of the renovation.  All other in-house events are cancelled from March 7 through May 6.  I would rather say up front that we’re not holding any programs in the building than to try to squeeze things in here and there and end up having to cancel at the last minute.

Meeting rooms:  They will not be available from March 7 through May 6.  While I will be updating the renovation schedule here, please feel free to contact us in mid- to late-April to be sure we will have the rooms ready for you in May.

Collection locations:  We are going to start moving collections around to make room for construction work and to get ready for our shelf movers. 1) First to move is Young Adult, which will be temporarily located in front of the old computer lab, behind the Juvenile Non-Fiction and Biography.  2) Easy Readers will then move to what was the beginning of the Young Adult Fiction collection.  3) Adult Non-Fiction will then begin to move onto the bookcases that currently hold Juvenile Fiction and Non-Fiction, in the southwest corner of the building.  First to move will be Adult 900s (Geography, Travel & History).  At the end of April, all of these taller shelves (what is now Juvenile Fiction and Non-Fiction) will have the Adult Non-Fiction collection on them, and will all be rolled to their new location at the northeast corner of the building.

To prepare for the shelf moving, we’re offering a special deal if you check out a lot of stuff and keep it for a while: Extended checkouts are available, and if you take out more than 25 items, we’ll give you a free Sump Memorial Library carry bag (as long as supplies last).  Note that certain parts of the collection will be completely unavailable at times, though I expect it will be for a day or two here and there until we get to the shelf movers.  At that point, probably late April, all or most of the collection could become unavailable for 2-3 weeks, but I’ll give you fair warning here.

Do not go into construction zones to retrieve the book or DVD you want. Plan ahead, and check it out early.

At any time, if you can’t find something or want to know what’s going on – just ask at the front desk. And as always, feel free to send me an email ( about any specific concerns that you have.

Thank you for your patience,




2/26/2016 UPDATE: Rebecca Sims, Library Director

Our renovation is on track to start soon.  The resolution will be presented to City Council on Tuesday, March 1.  If they approve the resolution, I will have a pre-construction meeting with the contractor on Wednesday morning – which means by Wednesday afternoon I should have a much better idea as to how the renovation will affect library services.  I’ll post an update at that time.

In the meantime, we’ve located space for some of our Children’s programs (Storytime) at the Papillion Recreation Center for when we aren’t able to hold programs here.  We’ll meet on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 10:30.  Check in with Cathy and Mary in Youth Services, or pick up the monthly calendar which will include directions.

I expect that the first part of the collection to be affected by the renovation will be the Children’s and Young Adult collections.  ***Please feel free to come in and check out enough for a month and ask for an extended checkout.  Once work begins in the area, you will not be able to get to ANY of those collections.***  For example, the picture books will be boxed and stored elsewhere.

No overdue fines will be charged for items while their shelves are inaccessible.  You will really be helping us out if you keep your items until the shelves are open again.

If you have any questions, please ask at the front desk or email me at  Again, thank you for your patience!




2/19/2016 UPDATE: Rebecca Sims, Library Director

As you may have heard, our Library will be undergoing a renovation during the months of March, April and May to replace carpet, repaint, change out lighting, and move things around to make more space.  I don’t know the exact dates yet, or the dates that the various collections and programs will be affected, but I will be posting updates here, on Facebook, and through our other social media sites.

For the moment, we expect the Youth areas to be affected first, so I think that from approximately March 7th through April 1st, we will not be able to hold programs here, and at times the collection will also be off limits as we move things around.  We may be able to hold some programs at other locations, but I’ll update here, on Facebook, etc when I know.  Please feel free to take more books than usual to cover the time when you won’t be able to check out any.

If you have any questions, please ask at the front desk or email me at  Even if we don’t have an answer for your question yet, hopefully we’ll be able to at least tell you when we’ll know the answer.

Thank you for your patience – I think you will be very happy with the results of the renovation.